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At Lionshare, we approach every project with the goal of first capturing the attention of the customer and then assuring retention. People are bombarded by so many ads, on so many media platforms, vying to be seen and heard – and we recognize that their attention span is very short. That fact drives us to generate messaging that is precise and truly exceptional. Lionshare is unique because we specifically produce ads that break through the clutter with an emotional appeal that is at once both compelling and memorable.

We use hook headlines, tease reveals, and compelling sound design and graphics that bring consumers in with intrigue, suspense, drama, urgency and even humor. Once we reach them emotionally… and capture their imagination… their feet will follow. Yes, we have the basic Who, What, When, Why and Where– And we deliver it all on a unique creative platter… with a dash of cayenne!

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Lionshare Media Services is an ad agency dedicated to capturing the imagination… and marketshare. We are the creative agency for top furniture retailers, mattress manufacturers, sleep shops, and automotive dealers across the country. Lionshare builds relationships with clients as a strategic partner, working alongside and collaborating with our clients’ executives, in-house marketing departments, and media buyers. We listen, we provide advice and consultation, and we produce results.

Lionshare generates ideas and takes them from concept to completion with a distinctive flair that is fresh, fast and effective. With state of the art in-house studios – sound design, animation, and graphic arts – we offer a breadth of services across nearly every traditional and emerging media platform. We also know that having creative, compelling production is only part of the equation for getting the best results for our clients. A strategic media plan must get them out there to capture the lion’s share of the marketplace.

We have decades of valuable experience, insights, and strategies to share on media planning, allocation, and execution — with proven results that maximize effectiveness and return on investment from media expenditures. Whether working with retailers or manufacturers, large companies or small businesses, we join to build brand identity for each client. And, with all we do, ultimately we measure our own success by the success enjoyed by our clients across the country. At Lionshare, we firmly believe that the best way to know who we are is to see our work. Explore our site — see samples of our creative — and contact us. We would love to be of service!

Lionshare’s founder and CEO is Randy Young. He guides the course of the agency as our chief executive and provides inspirational leadership for the entire Lionshare team, overseeing the creative department as well as client relations. To better understand Lionshare, one might want to know more about the man who started it all…
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