Randy Young

Lionshare’s founder and CEO is Randy Young. He guides the course of the agency as our chief executive and provides inspirational leadership for the entire Lionshare team, overseeing the creative department as well as client relations. To better understand Lionshare, one might want to know more about the man who started it all…

Randy began his career as a student of the dramatic arts at Hollywood High School, in California. With a keen interest in radio broadcasting, he soon embarked on a path that led him to become a radio personality in large markets throughout the country for more than 15 years. Though widely known for his sense of humor, it was Randy’s dedication to the highest quality production that became his personal labor of love. Randy’s gift for bringing ideas to life, coupled with his own unique voice and sound design, provided the foundation of something truly extraordinary.

He ultimately served as Program Director, Sales Manager and GM in the broadcast industry, and used his diverse skill set and business experience to launch a career in advertising that has now spanned over the past 20 years. Lionshare Media Services was born of the idea that by capturing the imagination, one would capture the lion’s share of the marketplace. Randy’s creativity and commitment to excellence are seen in all we do each day. With a team of artists and professionals in house, Lionshare provides comprehensive production services, media planning, advice and consultation to clients across the country – and those services are all infused with the imagination and passion that are the hallmarks of our CEO.

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